RACING Aluminium Hydrogenerator

RACING Aluminium Hydrogenerator

  • The Racing Aluminium hydrogenerator is designed for high or very high speed sailing boats.

    It is equipped with a controlled pitch propeller, functionning electronically with an hydraulic pump. The propeller pitch is setting automatically depending on the boat speed, ensuring a minimal drag and an optimal energy output. This model is functional for a speed range from 5 to 30 knots (Multihulls, Class40, Imoca…)

    The Racing Aluminium hydrogenerator has satisfied the energy needs for 95 % of the 2020 Vendée Globe fleet.

    Reference : PK-610-600-PV

    Minimal Drag
    Automatical adjustment of the blades
    Optimal energy efficiency
    Energy source for all range of speeds
    2 years warranty

    Suggested retail price :
    8 690 €
    ( excl VAT)


  • Pack composition


    Nominal power 600 W


    Max output power 600 W

    12 Vcc or 24 Vcc autodetected

    48 Vcc in option

    Input for solar panel 7,5-50 Vcc / 14 Amps

    Hydraulic box

    Led indication for pressure

    Pump with brushless engine

    Holding bracket

    Anodized aluminium black flanges

    With cam cleat Locking pin

    Thermo-coated aluminium leg 610 mm

    Variable pitch composite propeller 200 mm

    Other accessories supplied :

    1 low friction ring with its splicing rope

    2 stainless steel forks to be fastened on the transom

    1 bag with connectors

    2 pre-assembled plugs and their cables

    1 quick couple hydraulic

    Technical characteristics

    Output at 10 knots

    24 Amps in 12 Vcc (300 W) with the maximum adjustment

    3,5 Amps in 12 Vcc (40 W) with the minimum adjustment

    Maximum using speed :

    30 knots with the minimum adjustment

    Compatible batteries

    Lead battery


    Other : contact us

    Dimensions and weight


    8,6 kg


    1,5 kg

    Hydraulic box

    1.0 kg

    Three-phases cable

    4 meters length

    Pre-assembled plugs with their cable

    1 meter length

  • Output Curves


    Speed in knots

    Variable pitch propeller

    The automatically controlled pitch propeller allows to use the hydrogenerator in a large range of speeds from 5 to 30 knots with a minimal drag.

    One press on a switch-on and the pump allows the blades to move to the feathered position. The drag and efforts are reduced, facilitating immersion operation, even at high speeds.

    For specific performances, we can design custom blades.

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