Racing Aerogenerators

This new-design wind-generator is under testing since one year in collaboration with MACIF Design Team with the goal to achieve full autonomy on their giant trimaran
Constructed with a lightweight and waterproof casing inspired from our hydrogenerators, this wind turbine makes the difference thanks to its original and efficient design.
Contrary to common wind turbines, the propeller is located behind the holding tower and therefore allows unrivalled stability in waves and turbulences.



Hélice bipale carbone
Carbone Prepreg

Alternateur brushless en prise directe.
construit pour durer

Matereau 610 mm
Carbone prépreg ou Aluminium

Convertisseur / Régulateur 12/24 V inclus.
technologie MPPT et Boost

2 sorties batterie indépendantes
pour connecter 2 parcs batterie

Tail-less design and natural stability !

The uncommon rotor location gives a natural stabilty because the thrust application point is behind, or down-wind, the axis of yaw. That’s why there is no need for a stabilizer or tail.

Stability is of first importance on marine wind-turbines that are subject to turbulences from rigging and disturbing motions from waves. Stable device means high performance and good agreement between laboratory and real-life production !

Tailored for high winds…

Rather than having to stop the turbine in too strong winds (>35 knots), the WATT AND SEA turbine has a “storm” mode that can be activated on the converter.
This allows the propeller to produce energy, around 120W, by maintaining it in a slow and safe regime, up to 50 knots of apparent wind.

RACING Aerogenerators range