POD 600

POD 600 Hydrogenerator

  • The hydrogenerator POD 600 is THE innovating solution for sailing boats unable to fastened an hydrogenerator on their transom for technical, mechanical and aesthetic reasons.

    Tested since 2014 by a few privileged sailors, this version has been able to demonstrate those useful advantages :

    • invisible
    • no complicated handling up and down
    • easy start-up
    • electrical output is the same compared to classic models

    The hydrogenerator POD600 is delivered with a 100 mm aluminium leg; it will find its place under the hull of the boat to insure an on-board electrical output with the utmost secrecy.

    Delivered in standard with the 240 mm diameter propeller (10 Amps at 5,6 knots), the POD600 accepts a range of 4 propellers for speed range from 3 to 20 knots. The output power increases in an exponential way over 6 knots.

    • Reference : PK-POD-600

    Switching on with the ON/OFF button
    Ideal in original equipment
    Output: 120 W from 5 knots
    Two-years warranty

    Suggested retail price:
    3 737 €
    ( excl VAT)


  • Pack composition


    Nominal power 600 W


    Max output power 600 W

    12 Vcc or 24 Vcc autodetected

    48 Vcc in option

    Input for solar panel 8-50 Vcc / 14 Amps

    Aluminium leg

    100 mm


    240 mm

    Other accessories supplied

    1 ON/OFF relay with swerved connection to the navigation desk

    1 bag with connectors

    2 pre-assembled plugs and their cables

    2 fastening rods

    2 rubber soles

    1 stainless steel back plate inside

    Technical characteristics

    Output at 5 knots

    10 Amps in 12 Vcc (120 W) with the 240 mm propeller

    Maximum using speed

    15 knots with the 240 mm propeller

    Compatible batteries

    Lead battery


    Other : contact us

    Dimensions and weight


    5 kg


    1,5 kg

    Three-phases cable

    length 5 meters

    2 pre-assembled plugs with their cable

    1 meter length

  • Output power curves


    Speed in knots

    Choosing The Propeller

    The propeller supplied in standard with the POD600 pack is the 240 mm model which allows to produce 8 Amps at 5 knots. It is the more “universal” model guaranteeing the energy self-sufficiency on most boats with a negligible drag.

    To produce at slowest speed, the 280 mm diameter is available.

    To produce at higher speed to minimize the drag effect, the 200 mm diameter is available as well as the 200 mm with manual variable pitch propeller.

  • General Questions

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    Mechanical installation

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    Eletrical Installation

    Do I have to put a fuse on the electrical installation of my hydrogenerator ?
    How much time will the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator take to fully load the batteries ?
    My cable from the hydrogenerator to the converter is longer than recommanded in the manual. What are the consequences ?
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    The cable wires going out from the hydrogenerator are not numbered. How can the order of the connection be right ?
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    Can I use the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator simultaneously with the engine ? (engine alternator load at the same time with the hydrogenerator’s one)
    Can I let the hydrogenerator in the water when the batteries are fully loaded ?
    Does the hydrogenerator convert alternating current to direct current, to load the batteries ?
    Why should the converter be mounted vertically ?
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