P-280-04 weedless

P-280-04 weedless

  • Propeller 280 mm weedless

    This propeller has the same output power than the classic one (P-280-03) but with improved shape against sargassos. The building method is also different : the 3 blades are fixed to a hub and can be thus changed independenlty

    This accessory is delivered with :

    • 1 plastic hub
    • 3 blades in high-grade composite
    • 1 fixation screw M5x20
    • 3 grub screws for the blades adjustment
    • 1 extraction screw M6x40

    This diameter is recommanded for a speed range between 3 and 9 knots .

    Reference : P-280-04

    Recommended public price :
    283 € (ex VAT)

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    The 280mm propeller is the bigger size in our standard props.The new design of the blades ensures a lower drag and better performance against seaweeds