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RACING Wind Turbine

  • The Racing wind turbine is a new concept of wind generator adapted to multihulls sailing at very high speed.

    It is equipped with a two-bladed, hand-draped, pre-impregnated carbon fibre propeller.

    References :
    PK-EOL-600/CAR (carbon wing)

    PK-EOL-600/ALU (aluminium wing)

    The lightest
    Downwind design
    High wave stability
    Storm mode to withstand 50 knots
    100% Waterproof
    Span of less than 1 meter

    Suggested Retail Price :
    7 200 € HT
    ( PK-EOL-600/ALU )

    9 000 € HT
    ( PK-EOL-600/CAR )


  • Pack content


    Nominal Power : 600 W


    Maximum power 600 W

    12 V / 24 V auto-detect

    RS485 bus to adjust settings and mode

    48V optionnal

    Solar input 7,5-50 V / 14 A

    Wind-shaped tower

    Black coated aluminium or pre-preg carbon

    610 mm


    fixed pitch

    pre-preg carbon

    Other accessories

    • 1 bag of connectors
    • 2 premounted cables

    Technical data

    Power at 20 knots

    10 A in 12 V ( 120 W )

    Maximum operating wind

    35 knots in “regular” mode

    50 knots in “storm” mode

    Compatible batteries



    Other : please ask us

    Dimensions and weight


    • 5.2 kg (with carbon wing)
    • 6.2 kg (with aluminium wing)


    1.5 kg

    3-phase cable length

    4 m

    Premounted cable length

    0.5 m

  • Production Curves


    Speed in knots

    2-bladed D 950mm

    The converter integrates two control modes :

    Regular Mode :
    The supplied propeller allows to operate over a wide speed range from 15 to 35 knots with a minimum of drag.
    Above 35 knots, it is necessary to stop the wind generator by feathering it.

    Storm Mode :
    For conditions where a wind speed greater than 35 knots is common, it is possible to program the converter in degraded mode, so that the wind generator continues to produce power.
    Up to approx. 28 knots the operation is identical to the Classic mode. Beyond that, the propeller is regulated at low rpm.

    For specific performances, we can design custom blades.

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