• Hydro Cruising

Adjustable pitch 200mm propeller

  • P-200-04-PVM
    200 mm variable pitch propeller

    This propeller has been designed for high speed sailing boats, equipped with a Cruising hydrogenerator. The blades are the same as the one used with the Racing propeller, the difference is their position which is done manually (unlike the Racing model which use an hydraulic pump for this adjustment).

    This accessory includes :

    • 1 composite hub
    • 3 High-Tech composite blades (strength validated on the Vendée Globe)
    • 3 grub screws for the blades adjustment
    • 1 CHC M5 x 20 screw (locking screw) + Allen key
    • 1 M6 scroll screw + Allen key

    This propeller is recommended for use between 7 and 25 knots of average sailing speed (multihulls, Class40, etc ...)

    Reference : P-200-04-PVM

    Recommended public price :
    246 € (excl. VAT)

    Set of 3 spare blades, ref. SP-200-04-PVM
    Recommended public price :
    79 € (excl. VAT)

    Mounting instructions

  • Production curves


    Boat-speed in knots

    Variable pitch propeller

    The manual variable-pitch propeller allows operation over a wide speed range of 12 to 28 knots with a minimum of drag.

    It meets the needs of boats equipped with a Cruising hydrogenerator whose top speed regularly exceeds 12 knots. Typically : Class 40, catamarans, or Minis.




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