Products Testimony

Jean-Yves CHAUVE
“I installed a Watt&Sea Cruising hydrogenerator on my catamaran. The assembly to adapt it onto my boat, is simple. Every day, I am delighted by the effectiveness of this energy source, largely compensating all the electrical needs on board : pilot, electronics, fridge, freezer, dessalinisator, etc. Moreover, it is a clean, quiet and autonomous energy source, like the navigation at sea, this natural environment that need to be preserved.”
Jean-Baptiste L'OLLIVIER
“I used the hydrogenerator, during the first leg of the Transquadra Race 2011. It enabled me to save my place of second of the leg. Indeed, my principal energy source, the engine with a tank of 50L was defused when sailing starboard (pipette of gas oil admission badly placed). Without the hydrogenerator, I will have succeeded to charge only when the boat was flat… which is awkward for a monohull. From Cap Finistere to Madeira, my Watt&Sea hydrogenerator was immersed permanently. Sometimes I had too much current, which obliged me to let all equipment switched on even for the all day….”
Bruno Croisel - A31 “33 Yachting Sport”
Happiness! Watt&Sea hydrogenerator is finally the solution to our problems of energy in solitary races. Nothing anymore to manage now! We are now sailing always with surplus energy even when the most consuming equipment is under operation. Cheer to have developed this simple, effective and completely ecological solution! ….
Christophe Bru and Bernard Lafitedupont – Transquadra 2011-2012
Fantastic product! We never started the engine during the leg Saint Nazaire - the Azores, after 1100 miles of navigation. Cheer!
Jean-Claude Lancou - Arlova - Sun Odyssey
Transquadra leg from St Nazaire to Madeira: Crossing in 6 days without making turn the engine! The hydrogenerator functioned with all equipment on. What a happiness to drink fresh! Arrival with the park of batteries with 12.7V…
Stéphanie Alran et Caroline Vieille - Class40' - Ocean's Eleven
The tests were convincing this week-end, during our 130 miles conveying from La Rochelle to Lorient, the load of the batteries was carried out only thanks to the hydrogenerator!
C Goubin – JPK 110
We thus tested the Cruising hydrogenerator, shortly after your visit on board, around the Ile de Ré. THE ASSESSMENT IS VERY PROMISING! Here are the first reports: at 4-5 nodes it charges 1 amp with all electronics connected on board (central, GPS, VHF, etc) and the computer under operation, at 7 knots it was even better: the load reaches 4 to 5 amps. Above 8 knots it is impressive with 14 amps raised at 8.7 knots
Christophe Bouvet - Class40 -
The leg "Les Sables-Horta" was a tough one, like on the Figaro race. For the hydrogenerator, I knew it by Yannick. During the race, I saw it under operation and the result is : no engine needed. From the moment when it was started, we were not worried at all with the questions of energy on board.
JC Lancou - Sun Odyssey 40 – ARLOVA
We carried out a three days test between les Sables d’Olonne and l'île de Sein. All consumptions were on which we never do. We carried out more than 350 Nm at 5 knots average speed. Result: after 3 days without stopovers and without engine, the park of batteries was charged at 12.7 volts. Thus it is a positive test which will enable us to consider Transquadra with a minimum of Gasoline.
Boris Skipper of Neutrogena 60 feet racing yacht during the Barcelona World Race
Just hello from the South Atlantic: hydrogenerators work perfectly. Ciao