Challenges of energy on board

At sea a sailing boat is like an autonomous cell of life: when released from the mooring, the boat is totally isolated. The production of energy on board then becomes crucial to guarantee navigation in full safety and freedom.

Environmental issues and complex electrical equipments on board sailing boats requires better solutions to provide energy on board.

Watt&Sea hydro generators bring the power of energy independence to cruising or racing, with respect for the environment.


Watt&Sea hydro generators

An old concept but a new performance: famous sailors Eric Tabarly and Philippe Poupon imagined and tested this concept well before Watt&Sea. The principle is simple: using the speed of the sailing boat to turn an immersed propeller and produce electricity: like a dynamo of a bicycle rubbing on the wheel, the propeller turns and produced electricity.

An innovation : Watt & Sea created a hydro generator interdependent of the boat, considerably improve its output, performances, reliability and industrializes it. On the Cruising model, the first amps are generated from 3 knots (a little less than 6 km/h).