Watt&Sea hydrogenerator on transat Jacques Vabre 2013
26 Nov 2013

Avec un taux d'équipement de 60% sur les bateaux de la Transat Jacques Vabre 2013, cette vidéo présente l'utilité des hydrogénérateurs pour les coureurs.

With a 60% equipement rate on the Transat Jacques Vabre 2013, this video is presenting how usefull the hydrogenerators are for racers.

Dolphins appreciate also green energy/ Les dauphins apprécient également l'énergie verte - Watt&Sea hydrogenerator
8 May 2013

A marvellous video were dolphin are dancing with Watt&Sea hydrogenerator !

Une vidéo merveilleuse dans laquelle les dauphins dansent avec l'hydrogénérateur Watt&Sea !

Deep Blue Immersion with Dolphins /Immersion dans le le grand bleu avec les dauphins - Watt&Sea hydrogenerator
8 May 2013

Great video in the deep blue !

Une magnifique vidéo dans le Grand Bleu !

11th Hour Racing's: Hugh Piggin explains the hydrogenerator
6 Mar 2013

The Atlantic Cup, the first Carbon neutral Sailing Race in the U.S.

What the boats are doing ? Teams will use an alternative fuel source to charge batteries which power all the on-board electronics while offshore. This may include, fuel cells, solar panels and/or hydrogenerator.

Check out the video above of Race Director, Hugh Piggin explaining how a hydrogenerator works.

Vendée Globe, Jean Le Cam « My hydros, my loves and no bugs »
4 Feb 2013

The leitmotiv of Jean Le Cam on this Vendée Globe is: And if one devoted more energy to consume less of it. To produce the energy needed on board SynerCiel, Jean the Cam and its team chose an ecological solution: the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator. With his usual humour, he testifies to his satisfaction in a didactic video.