Cruising hydro generator

The CRUISING hydro generator is a simplified variation of the RACING version, adapted to the use of cruising and racing sailboats.

gamme hydrogenerateurs watt and sea Cruising
Hydogénérateur Watt&Sea relevé
hydrogenerateurs watt and sea Cruising
Système de relevage hydrogénérateur Cruising
Hydogénérateur Watt&Sea relevé
hydrogénérateur 300W




With a pleasant design, it is a light, compact and easy to install model.
Built in robust materials, it does not require any maintenance.

Effective on a range of speed from 3 to 20 knots, its simple assembly is carried out on the transom thanks to a lifting system, like rudder.

  • Power : 120W at 5 knots (10A - 12V; 5A -24V) - 500W at 8 knots (40A - 12V; 20A - 24V)
  • Start-up speed: 3 knots
  • Aluminium leg
  • Weight : 8 kg ; Height: 116 or 80 cm; Width: 38 cm
  • Delivered with a converter with regulator





  • Effectiveness exceeding that of wind generators and solar panels
  • Excellent output allowing sailing with surplus energy, and fully charged batteries  when you reach your mooring
  • Negligible drag thanks to perfect hydrodynamics
  • Efficient operation from 3 to 20 knots