Cruising converter - regulator 12 or 24 V


For 300W & 600W Cruising hydrogenerators and Racing hydrogenerators. Optimized to bring to the user robustness, ease of assembly and use, it allows obtaining a maximum output of the comprehensive solution.  

  • The tropicalization of electronics, the stuffing boxes of inputs/outputs for the cables and IP66 case guarantee a great longevity even in wet environment. 
  • The dimensioning of the radiator of the case allows an operation without forced ventilation and thus in silence.

Equipped with one hydrogenerator entry (three-phase AC) and one solar input, it transforms the alternating voltage of the alternator into a continuous tension, compatible with the batteries. This tension is controlled on several levels depending on the load of the batteries.

Thanks to its intelligent load regulation (Absorption and Floating modes), the converter ensures a multi-tensions load and guarantees the integrity of the batteries without adding an external regulator. The swing from one mode to another is automatic.

The converter also includes a MPPT solar input that can bring energy at anchor.

During loading, the tension is controlled with 14,3V (phase of absorption). When the conditions make it possible to charge the batteries at 100%, the converter controls with a weaker tension (13,8V) in order to maintain the batteries charged without deteriorating them (phase of maintenance/Floating).


  • Supply voltage: 12V - 24V autodetect
  • Nominal output: 600W
  • Efficiency : 95% typ.
  • Controlled voltage exit ABS = 14.3/28.6 Vdc
  • Controlled voltage Float = 13.8/27.6 Vdc
  • Nominal current: 40A/20A
  • Solar input range : 50V max / 20A max
  • Weight: 2 kg; Height: 250 mm; Width: 105 mm, Length: 60 mm