Assets of Watt&Sea hydro generators

Hydro generators, a highly powerful solution for independence of energy

Besides its esthetic assets, comfort sound and safety-reliability, the energy production in navigation is such that with a good storage capacity on board, the Watt&Sea hydro generator completely solve the question of energetic independance in navigation, even at mooring.


10 good reasons to choose a Watt&Sea hydrogenerator







1.    Designed and manufactured by top sailing racers and engineers in France






2.    Very good output: negligible drag, high electric output






3.    Contribute to safety on board if the battery park is deteriorated or the engine broken down






4.    Respectful of the environment






5.    Allows to make significant savings in fuel






6.    Silent, for everyone’s comfort!






7.    Light






8.    Easy to install and use






9.    Maintenance free






10.  Esthetics


Comparison of the electric production between a wind mill and a Watt&Sea hydro generator


Data recorded during the Jacques Vabre Transatlantic race and B to B Race, on a 60" IMOCA monohull helmed by Yannick Bestaven.

On a monohull the wind mill does not work off the wind, as the apparent wind is nearly nothing. The hydro generator on the contrary works fully because the boat is faster, explaining the spectacular difference in effectiveness between the two systems.